Finding my childlike joy again

It is funny how when you grow up, you lose that childlike innocence and love of play or doing the simple things that make you joyful. As a kid I was doing one of two things, either always drawing or creating a piece of art or acting.

My mom started framing my art work really early on and I keep those pieced in my house, one that stands out is my 3rd grade oil pastel drawing of the Dallas skyline. It was my featured in an art book and as I think back, today if I am stressed one of the ways that I decompress is thru art.

 As life went on you could still always find me doodling during meetings (it is how I stay focused) but that was really the extent of it. In mid -2018, I took a work from home job and while it seemed so glam at the time the truth is that I had so much time on my hand and there was some pieces of my last job that really filled my cup.

Well, one day I walked to the art store down the street from the house and bought a new set of oil pastels and started drawing again. It was something so simple, it brought back this joy that I had not experienced in years. That was really the start of me starting to create again, and within a few months I started having more creative ideas and that is really the start of where Asta La Luna started, it was during that rebirth of creativity and joy. So, while this journey is far from over, I have decided to share with you that piece from the third grade, my first prototype from Asta La Luna and one nearly a year in.

The other beautiful thing that occurred in this journey back to my joy, was that I slowed down. Life isn’t about how much I can cram into a day anymore; I live to wake up and hear the birds and to sometimes color with my two- year old before work or have a conversation with my kids or significant other. I live to really embrace each moment; and find the joy in the little things now like coloring or creating art like I did as a child.   

If you have lost touch with what brought you joy, what did you enjoy most as a kid and I guarantee that is not too far off from that.